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How to Get Your Baby to Sleep Through the Night
Learn the Exact Steps to Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night
with host Emma Purdue, the Baby Sleep Consultant
Learn the 10 reasons why your baby won't sleep through the night & how to resolve these issues in as little as a week.
Create your own personalized sleep plan with the Sleep Workbook.
Gain direct access to Emma's expertise, and her team of certified sleep consultants all advising you LIVE on the call.
This Christmas, Gift Your Family the Gift of Sleep!
Does your baby still wake numerous times a night and need your help to get back to sleep?

Are you wondering if your baby still needs all these night feeds?

Or perhaps you know she doesn’t, but you are too tired to even begin to formulate a plan to drop these feeds.

Baby Sleep Consultant is here to help!
Hi, I'm Emma.
As a mother of 3 young children, I understand how hard it can be to function as a mum on a broken nights sleep. I feel irritable, exhausted, grumpy, and I lose my patience and my ability to be the fun mum my children love.

I remember trying to find answers when I had my first baby. I wanted a holistic solution which addressed the reasons she woke, not just “let her cry all night”.

To me that wasn’t a solution. I knew I needed to address her nutrition, and sleep associations, and her nap schedule, as well as check her evening routine to encourage the best sleep possible.

This was the beginning of my journey which has lead me to become a certified sleep consultant, and now have the privilege of teaching consultants internationally how to help more and more families get the sleep they deserve and need.

Our sleep workshops are incredibly popular, but the location and price can be a limiting factor, so I have decided to run online sleep workshops to reach more families at a time and place that suits them.

My team of amazing, empathetic and highly experienced sleep consultants will join me in the workshop and be available to answer all your questions as we go through the webinar.

This is incredible value, an entire room of certified and experienced sleep consultants right at your fingertips!

This webinar will not be repeated again in 2016 and spaces are limited, so book now and get the sleep you and your baby deserve!
Wednesday, November 23
7:00PM - 8:00PM New Zealand Time
Special VIP Price: AUD$19.95

(normally $39.95) 

- Webinar Full -
Wednesday 23rd November
7:30pm-9pm Australia (Sydney)

Special VIP Price: AUD$19.95

(normally $39.95) 

- Webinar Full -
Don't worry if you can't make it to the live event, we'll send you a recording of the webinar, and your copy of the Sleep Plan Workbook as well!
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